Via degli Arcioni: the monumentalization of higher city

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Via degli Arcioni (Arcioni street) takes name from the big arches (arcioni), a series of vaulted spaces with arched front, that used to hold the upper terrace and artificially support the ancient via del Sole.
The construction is a part of a very composite monumental front that stands on a massive wall made in Opus Quadratum, also visible at Porta del Sole (Sun Gate) and Porta San Martino (St. Martin’s Gate).This formed the southern defensive wall’s front of the defensive system of the upper town in late Republican era (2nd-1st century BC).

In the middle of the massive wall there is a structure, the so-called “Propylaea“, a monumental access to the city. It was a staircase, but nowadayws only the foundations remain; it was flanked by monumental fountains, one of which is currently visible.
Propylaea” complex lies on  great tuff base, crowded with stones-and-mortar structures made in Opus Incertum and decorated with many niches and vaults. The remains of channelling makes it clear that it was a kind of fountain with several water features.
Before via degli Arcioni ends, in front of Santa Lucia church, you can see monumental evidences of an enormous tank dating back to the imperial age, built entirely of red-bricks. The niches on the front side once hosted statues.

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