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The late Republican Age and new prosperity of Praeneste

At the end of the 2nd century BC a new sensitive rebirth of Praeneste was noticed, a period of great prosperity and wealth, documented mainly by impressive and monumental urban restoration of public buildings of civil and sacred character. The Prenestins in fact, like citizens of many other small centers of Latium region took advantage of Rome’s wars in the …

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Mosaic of Pisces

Mosaico dei pesci

The so-called Cave of Fates was originally a natural cave wich around the middle 2nd century BC was framed in a structure of tuff blocks and at the end of the same century  was included in the complex of Forum. Splendid mosaic decoration (Mosaic of Pisces) dating back at the end of 2nd century BC, was unfortunately damaged by subsequent …

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Nilotic mosaic

Mosaico Nilotico

The absidal hall, at the Forum square of the ancient city, housed the great colored mosaic representing the scene of the Nile’s flood. It is a very refined floor, built on site by egyptian craftsmen from Alexandria in the 2nd century BC, whose scene is likely to be a copy of a large painting exhibited in the famous library of …

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