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The old town-center of Palestrina is built on ancient roman terraces and developed around parallel east-west axes. The lowest terrace corresponds to the modern via degli Arcioni, the one on top to the modern via Barberini where the National Archaeological Museum is located.

From via degli Arcioni one can enter corso Pierluigi, the main axis and heart of old town-center,  connecting three aligned squares: piazza Santa Maria degli Angeli, piazza Regina Margherita and piazza della Liberazione.

From this level, climbing ramps and stairways, it is possible to reach the third terrace, where via Dante Alighieri lies. The colossal cyclopean walls of the ancient sanctuary of Fortuna are visible all the street long.
Archeopalestrina offers an itinerary punctuated by stop-spots supplied with panels reporting historical and archaeological information.

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