Fasti Prenestini
Fasti Prenestini

Fasti prenestini

In Latium Vetus, the region around/nearby Rome where Praeneste was one of the major centres, each city had its own calendar that counted the seasons, but also local holidays. With the consolidation of Roman domination/control, the centers of Latium will nationalize one after another and within some time they’ll become hegemonic. However the ancient Fasti – the latin term for calendars – of Praeneste will not be forgotten. At the end of the 1st century BC, when Augustus, the first Roman Emperor takes power, the well-known grammarian prenestino Verrio Flacco, tutor and teacher of adoptive sons of Augustus, designated heirs of Empire, rebuilts the ancient Fasti Prenestini which he incise/carve into marble tables set out in the Forum, nerby a monument that his countrymen had built to honor him.

Some fragments, now displayed/exposed at National Museum of Rome, were recovered in the early Twentieth Century. The bord/table was divided into two columns: left side indicates the days and the right side feast and anniversaries.

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